Welcome to Pottsgrove Wellness!
Our Mission Statement:
"We exist to promote and inspire a dedication to health and wellness in the Pottsgrove School District"
Who we are:
District Wellness Coordinator - Nancy Miller
Wellness Team:
Dave Nester, Beverly Yenchick, Linette Coddington, Tom Yenchick, Danielle Palmieri, Marilyn Eaton, Dianne Manula, Debbie Arnosky, Laura Sweinhart, and Jamie Slack
Wellness Committee Vision:
We endeavor to create a culture of wellness.  This will be accomplished as we implement the following practices:

·      Offer a fully integrated scope of activities for staff participation.

·      Have on-going wellness dialogue and communication in our buildings.

·      Interface with the School Board and Superintendent to share data

·      Develop the concepts of “Fit Falcon” and “Wellness Wings”.

 Stress Stop
We are proud to partner with StressStop for this year's wellness event.