Hello Pottsgrove Parents!

On this page, you will find important information on workshops to promote the academic success, safety and well-being of your Pottsgrove student.

The Parent Workshop Series is brought to you by the Pennsylvania Parent Information & Resource Center

These video workshops feature information for parents about engagement with their children’s learning and education. Each workshop offers a short video about the topic as well as participant reference materials to review and/or download and print. These mini-workshops are presented in a standardized format that includes content about:

The Importance of ESEA to Families
Family-School-Community Partnerships
Family Engagement
Out of School Time
School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services
Learning Styles

Lunchtime Learning Series Webinars: http://www.center-school.org/pa-pirc/online-session-archive.php These are archived on the PA PIRC website.