Internet Safety and Resources for Parents

Pottsgrove is committed to promoting Internet safety and ethical practices among our students through our instructional programs and in the community through periodic evening forums. Below are some resources to support parents in promoting Internet safety at home and connect parents to community resources to combat cyberbullying.

FAQ About Internet Safety

Cyberbullying Affects Real Lives- A short video by seventh grade students at PGMS

The Cyberbullying Research Center offers resources for parents and teachers for helping kids stay safe online and use other technologies like cell phones responsibly. For example, here are some tips for preventing and responding to cyber-bullying:

Preventing Cyberbullying- Top Ten Tips for Parents

Responding to Cyberbullying- Top Ten Tips for Parents

Onguard Online- Created by the federal government with games, videos and other resources for teaching kids of all ages and adults about online safety. Be sure to download the parent guide Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online available free at this site..

WiredSafety- Internet safety and information on responding to incidents of cyberbullyng

Protecting Kids Online-

Safety Tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children- offers articles and information for children ranging from age 7 to 18 as well as information for adults and parents. It offers children articles, video clips, and stories written by children for children. Not all content is about online safety-

Online Guard provides tips from the federal government and IT industry to help be on the guard for Internet fraud and to keep your computer and personal information secure-
Tools for Digital Parenting - check out the Family Online Safety Institute and the National PTA resources for parents.