Graduation from secondary school is the goal of all youth.  Completion of a program of studies approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education is the basis for awarding the high school diploma.  Pottsgrove School District, in compliance with regulations of the State Board of Education, has established graduation requirements for grades 9-12 which include specific planned courses required by the state.  Students must obtain a minimum of 23 credits.
Graduation Requirements:
  • 4 Credits in English and Social Studies
  • 3 Credits in Math and Science
  • 2 Credits in Arts* or Humanities** or both (for non-vocational students, one of these two credit courses must be 12th Grade Social Studies)
  • 1 Credit in Health and Physical Education
  • 0.5 Credits in Computer Technology
  • 5.5 Credits in other approved courses including approved vocational education
  • Successful completion of approved Graduation Project
 * Include Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, Film Studies, Practical Arts and Crafts
** Include subjects that embrace literature, history, philosophy, or additional courses in English and Social Studies