• Pottsgrove School District is now accepting electronic excuse notes. 

    To excuse your student via email, please send a note along with; the date, student’s first and last name, grade and reason of absence to your student’s school within 3 school days of the absence. 

    NOTE: emails sent to teachers' email addresses will not be accepted as an excuse.


    Pottsgrove Excuse Note Email Addresses:

    High School: HSAbsent@pgsd.org

    Middle School: MSAbsent@pgsd.org

    Lower: LPAbsent@pgsd.org

    Rocks: RRAbsent@pgsd.org

    West: WPAbsent@pgsd.org


    School Social Worker contact info:

    Grades K-5: 

    Melissa Manzon 

    (610) 327-2277 x6562 



    Grades 6-12: 

    Liz Rakoff 

    (610) 327-2277 x7379