• Hello Parents and Guardians,

    If you are interested in your child(ren) participating in our rapid antigen testing program you must complete the Student Consent Form for Covid-19 Testing permission form and the Rapidtest registration for each child.  You can access the Student Consent Form for Covid-19 Testing using the Parent Portal:

    1. Login to the Powerschool Parent Portal
    2. Select the icon: "First Day Packet & Covid Testing Consent" in the left navigation pane
    3. Select the available form for "Covid-19 Testing Consent Form" and sign electronically.
    4. Parents will receive an email with a link to register for a QR code that will allow them to access results of the test.
    5. Email a copy of the QR code to your child's school nurse and, if applicable, have your child save the QR code on their cell phone.  
      1. Pottsgrove High School - Ms. Kim Emery, kemery@pgsd.org
      2. Pottsgrove Middle School - Connie Prince, cprince@pgsd.org
      3. Lower Pottsgrove Elementary - Kristen Nuce, knuce@pgsd.org
      4. Ringing Rocks Elementary - Deanna Santangelo, dsantangelo@pgsd.org
      5. West Pottsgrove Elementary - Susan Camp, scamp@pgsd.org
    6. If you have difficulty using the Parent Portal, paper copies are available in the main office of each building or you can download the form from our website.

    If you are not interested in participating in the rapid antigen testing program, there is nothing that you need to do.  Please know that we will not test any students without a signed parental consent form.


    David Finnerty, Ed.D.