Support & Resources

  • All students K-12 are provided with support to navigate learning successfully. All families will have access to receive help from PGSD guidance counselors, technology support, and support staff. We want to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools and resources in order to maximize your virtual learning experience.


    Academic Support
    While Pottsgrove School District teachers do not teach PGVA students their curriculum, there will be teacher check-ins on a weekly basis. There will be one core teacher selected from each Pottsgrove building that will use their "duty period" to check in with our PGVA students. The teacher will make sure that the students are on track with their virtual coursework and answer any questions that the student may have. If a student expresses that they need help, the PGSD teacher can use their "duty period" to assist the student.
    EdOptions Academy offers live sessions with PA certified teachers that students can access when they feel that it is needed or wanted.

    Student Support

    • Access to PGSD Guidance Counselors
    • Individualized learning plans and weekly progress reviews

    • Live sessions with PA certified teachers

    • On-demand lessons are available 24/7 to offer scheduling flexibility.

    • Student Expectation Guide (EdOptions Academy)

    Parent/Guardian Support


    Pottsgrove Virtual Academy Coordinator: Mrs. Kelly Crowell, 610-326-5105, ext. 7387

    Pottsgrove High School Guidance Counselors: Mrs. Jill Bossler (A-E), 610-326-5105, ext. 7391; Mr. Stephen Kincaid (F-Le), 610-326-5105, ext. 7389; Mrs. Kyra Ebert (Li-Ror), 610-326-5105, ext. 7390; Mrs. Lisa Childs (Ros-Z), 610-326-5105, ext. 7388.

    Pottsgrove Middle School Guidance Counselors: Mrs. Cristina Kleinfelter (A-L), 610-326-8243, ext. 2054; Miss DiAnni Dennis (M-Z), 610-326-8243, ext. 2052.

    Lower Pottsgrove Elementary Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Jen Flanagan, 610-323-7510, ext. 4050.

    Ringing Rock Elementary Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Wendi Kiley, 610-323-0903, ext. 3030.

    West Pottsgrove Elementary Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Jennifer Snyder, 610-323-6510, ext. 5032.

    Technology Support:, 610-327-2277, ext. 1037.