•  Different types of spinning sports equipment
    Students need to wear sneakers on their scheduled PE day.  Students wearing flip flops, Crocs,  or boots will not be allowed to participate.  Shorts or Pants are also required.  Dresses make it difficult to fully participate in the entire lesson. Students that are unprepared to participate will earn their grade through a written assignment.  Be Here, Be Ready!
    Students with asthma and other medical concerns, please make sure to have an extra set of medication on hand in our nurse's office.   
    **If your student is unable to participate in PE class due to illness or injury please send them with a note.  If they have a doctor's note they will be required to provide a doctor's note to return to PE class.  Thank you!
    Class Schedule
    Day 1
    Puglia, Lightcap, Noel, Leinhauser, Kaercher, McLeod
    Day 2
    Armstrong, Nice, Kenia, Novak, Taylor, Young
    Day 3
    Madara, Daltry, Yergy, Miller, Rhoadarmer, Harrar
    Day 4
    S.Yergey, Cullin, Grindle, McGeehan, Bonner, Scouton
    Day 5
    Costanzo, Reppert, Ryan, Lawless, Bainbridge, Stiles
    Day 6
    Wolfrom, Campbell, Bechtold, Stolpe