•            Welcome to Third Grade!
    Reading/Language Arts- Independent Reading and Responding
        Weekly Spelling lists
          Weekly Skills
            Guided Reading
               Whole group reading
     Math-Chapter 1-Numbers to 10,000                                                           Science/Social Studies
              Chapter 2 -Mental Math and Estimation
                                                                                                                    Motion and Matter, Structures of Life,
              Chapter 3-  Addition up to 10,000                                                      Water and Climate
              Chapter 4 - Subtraction up to 10,000
              Chapter 5 - Using Bar Models:  Addition and Subtraction
              Chapter 6 - Multiplication Tables of 6,7,8, and 9
              Chapter 7 - Multiplication
              Chapter 8 - Division
              Chapter 9 - Using Bar Models:  Multiplication and Division
              Chapter 10- Money
              Chapter 11-Metric Length, Mass, and Volume
              Chapter 12-Real-World Problems:  Measurement
              Chapter 13-Bar Graphs and Line Plots
              Chapter 14-Fractions
              Chapter 15-Customary Length, Weight, and Capacity
              Chapter 16- Time and Temperature
              Chapter 17-Angles and Lines
              Chapter 18- Two-Dimensional Shapes
              Chapter 19-Area and Perimeter