Fall Leaves  
    Welcome To Mrs. Palmieri's Webpage
     Room 23  dpalmieri@pgsd.org
    CLASS DOJO will be used for weekly updates and classroom news.  Please make sure you are connected.  If not, please email at dpalmieri@pgsd.org.
    Please pack a snack daily for school.  We are encouraging our students to eat healthy, therefore, students will received Healthy Snack points on Dojo for FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES.  Students will be expects to gel or wash their hands before and after snack.  And, we will wipe down the desks daily.  Water is the only beverage permitted in the classroom.  Refillable water bottles are permitted to stay in the classroom and will be sent home for washing periodically.
    Encore Schedule: 
    Day 1  Music,  Day 2  Computer,  Day 3  PE,  Day 4   Library,   Day 5   ART,  Day  6  Health
     Popcorn Words Smart Start
    can . the . is she  we . was . see . for . like . have . to . they . and . said . go . me . you . has . do . play . my . with . are . come . he
    Please try your best to do RAZKIDS and Xtra-Math at home.  Passwords will be sent home the first week of school.