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    Included in this website is information regarding physical education and health classes along with an opportunity to learn more about Mr. Pawlik.

    Dear Parents,


    As we begin a new school year I am eager and excited to have your child in the physical education program here at West Elementary School.  My ultimate mission is to educate your child about the importance of exercise and motivate him/her to participate in a lifetime of physical activity by exploring all avenues for health awareness and wellness.  I hope to provide each child with many opportunities to succeed.  

    In order to have a safe and productive learning environment the school discipline plan will be enforced.  In addition students may have a time-out from an activity for misbehavior after the warning.  You may hear your son/daughter talk about strikes, which is my warning system.  1 is a warning, 2 is a 5 minute time-out and 3 is out for the rest of class.


    Grade Policy in elementary physical education is based primarily on three areas:

    * Participation- Numerous time-outs or other infractions (no sneakers) will affect grade

    * Attitude - Sportsmanship

    * Effort


        If there is a time when your child cannot participate due to injury or illness please send a note to the school.  If longer than 3 days we must have a doctor’s excuse, otherwise it will be considered unexcused.  Please make sure that your child brings tennis shoes every day.  Also, if your child likes to wear dresses or a skirt to school it is very helpful to have them wear shorts underneath.


       Physical education not only teaches the psychomotor domain but the cognitive and affective domains as well.  My goal is to have every student experience success.  I do not stress competition, but encourage cooperation through competition.  Good sportsmanship and teamwork are very important not only in the gym but in real life situations.  Good sportsmanship is always required in class!

    The health curriculum will involve safety, first aid, hygiene, and human body for all Kindergarten and Second grade students.  First grade students will learn about nutrition, drugs/medicine and the environment.  Many health classes will involve games in the gym to help support the health curriculum and if possible please allow your son or daughter to wear sneakers during their health class.  We also run or work in stations at the beginning of health class. 


    I am looking forward to having a great year!  If you have any questions please call ext. 5030.


    Matthew Pawlik