Energy Management

  • plug For more than a decade the EPA has worked with businesses and organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through strategic energy management practices implemented a program called Energy Star. In March 2009, Pottsgrove School District made a fundamental commitment as an Energy Star partner to protect the environment through the continuous improvement of our energy performance.

    Since becoming an Energy Star partner, Pottsgrove School District has reduced its District-wide energy consumption by 21.3%. We have accomplished this through a variety of energy reducing strategies which include; retro-fitting lighting fixtures, installation of classroom motion sensors, modifications to our heating and cooling operating schedules and education of our staff. This 21.3% reduction in utility consumption reduces what we contribute in green house gases by 846 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent yearly. To put this in perspective that equates to removing 163 cars from the road. This 21.3% District-wide reduction also has a financial impact, equating to an annual District-wide utility savings of $205,000.
    Here you will find information about the PGSD Energy Management Program and our latest monthly progress report.

    Pottsgrove School District surpasses the $200,000.00 mark in utility savings for the 2009-10 School Year! Check out the June 2010 Energy Star Report for all the details.

    Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School is recognized by the EPA (click here)