• It is important that the information is current. It is necessary that we have your phone numbers (home, work, and cell) as well as the phone numbers of two additional friends, neighbors, or family members that will assume temporary care of your child if you cannot be reached. In case of an emergency when parents cannot be reached, the parent’s signature authorizes the school to call physicians listed on the sheet and to make arrangements for emergency medical care if needed. Please log on PowerSchool Parent Portal to check this information and update it as necessary. If you prefer, contact your school for a form. Please be sure the emergency contacts you list know that the school may contact them and are willing to pick your child up from school when you are unavailable. It also helps if your emergency contacts are easily reached by phone when you are not.

    Please notify the office immediately of any changes or additions that need to be made to your child’s emergency information during the school year. 


    In order for the nursing staff to carry out comprehensive health care for our students, they must depend on your cooperation, particularly in the following areas:
    1. Emergency contact information must be complete and up to date.
    2. Any health questionnaires brought home should be completed and returned.
    3. If your child receives any immunization, has surgery, or is treated for accident/illness outside of school, please notify the school nurse.
    4. Inform the school office of any change in address, phone number, or emergency contacts.
    Health information given to the school nurse is considered both privileged and confidential.  This means that the information will be shared only on a need-to-know basis for the safety and well-being of the child.
    The health and wellness of our children are a national priority. In the Pottsgrove School District, we address our children's health and wellness needs with a comprehensive approach that includes health screenings, physical activity programs, and education.