• Pottsgrove School District uses a variety of materials and resources, including leveled readers, book rooms, iPads, and online programs to support learning.  With a selection of materials and activities, teachers have the ability to provide differentiated academic experiences to address students’ diverse needs and styles. Listed below is a sampling of some of the programs and resources being implemented in our PGSD classrooms.

    island Study Island 

    Study Island’s K-12 online test preparation help students master the specific content outlined in our state's Common Core standards, and improve performance in skill areas tested on state assessments. Study Island pinpoints areas of mastery and targets areas where help is needed. Study Island login


    books Leveled Readers

    Leveled readers help students practice and reinforce skills while fostering a love of reading. Curriculum content is "leveled", a system of establishing text difficulty by evaluating features such as language use, sentence structure, story elements and more. Once assessments determine the level at which students read, books are matched to that level.  This system provides books that are challenging enough for the student to make progress, but not so difficult they cause frustration.


    bookroom Book Room

    A book room is a central storage areas for multiple-copy texts that are used for small group instruction, as part of a larger Balanced Literacy framework. The texts may be used for guided reading, strategy groups, literature circles, content specific texts, etc. The book rooms offer materials for on, above, and below level readers. Within each bookroom in the district, the texts are organized by Fountas & Pinnell level and genre to support teachers in matching appropriate texts to readers. 


    AR Accelerated Reader

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is designed to serve as the practice component of a comprehensive reading program. Based on each student’s independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student, and select books that are difficult enough to keep students challenged, but not too difficult to cause frustration. AR offers over 150,000 quizzes for both fiction and nonfiction titles. After reading a book, students take a quiz online and then teachers are provided immediate information. Teachers use this information to monitor the reading level and comprehension skills of each student and inform further instruction or intervention.


    great books Jr. Great Books 

    Great Books programs help students develop reading comprehension strategies and critical thinking skills that are essential for effective reading. Student learning is enhanced when students have a stake in what they are learning; Shared Inquiry fosters this sense of ownership by giving students responsibility for developing their own questions and ideas about the literature they read. The Shared Inquiry method also motivates students to read because they look forward to participating in exciting discussions. Students come to see themselves as successful, lifelong learners and thinkers as they share and explain their ideas, gain confidence when approaching challenging literature, and become self-aware, self-monitoring readers. Students learn to read for meaning as they use reading comprehension strategies to better understand a story, go beyond quick responses to deeper thinking, support ideas with evidence from the story, and develop an appreciation for rich, rewarding literature. Students develop cognitive, social, and emotional intelligences as they thoughtfully consider different points of view, listen to others and respond appropriately, and create a collaborative classroom community with support from their peers and teachers. Click here to learn more .


    ipad Technology

    Pottsgrove School District takes pride in our Technology Department as they continue to research, update and provide our schools with hardware, software and resources to enhance student learning. Across our district approximately 1,000 laptops, 220 iPads, 330 iMacs, with an additional 2 iMacs per elementary classroom, are available to our student population.  Each of our teachers are issued a Macbook to support their subject research, student data, and daily classroom instruction.

                            Everyday Mathematics Online

    EDM Everyday Mathematics is a focused curriculum, with each standard being fully developed and mastered at the appropriate grade level according to the CCSS.It is also a coherent curriculum, with carefully crafted skill progressions within and across grade levels. Everyday Mathematics offers instruction that deeply connects conceptual understanding with real world applications, which supports life-long fluency. Click here to learn more. EDM Login


    cognitive tutor Cognitive Tutor

    Cognitive Tutor Software, for students in grades 9-12, is a digital experience that individualizes instruction and motivates students with a personalized, prescriptive pathway to math success. Carnegie Learning's unique solution provides students with highly individualized and self-paced instruction that adapts to their exact needs to improve their secondary math skills. Cognitive Tutor strengthens student conceptual understanding by integrating adaptive learning technologies, rich problem solving activities, and assessment.


    MATHia MATHia

    Carnegie Learning also offers MATHia Software for students in grades 6-8. In addition to the learning tasks, MATHia includes engagement features such as interest areas, characters, and personalization options help hold students’ interest and motivation aspects like badges, message of the day and dynamic map keep them coming back for more. Fluency Challenges build number sense and reduce working memory load to allow students to more easily learn advanced topics.