• pre-k
    This section of our website is intended to help you prepare your Pre-Kindergarten child to enter the Pottsgrove School District Kindergarten Program. Preparing for kindergarten is different for every child. Your child may be used to going to school from past preschool experiences, while another child may need more help with separating. Some children have naturally picked up skills they will be working on in kindergarten and other children will need more “teaching” at home to get them ready to learn. The materials on this page will help you to instruct your child in the same way as his/her kindergarten teacher. The best gift you can give your child is time. Spending time talking to and with your child will naturally increase your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language. Talk with your child about the topics on these pages to give your child the benefit that conversation provides along with the information he/she needs to prepare him/her for kindergarten.