Document Cameras

  • Wondering How To Use Your Document Camera?
    Not sure how to assemble and/or operate your document camera? Click here for a step-by-step training presentation!
    Click here for a manual with diagrams and explanations for all document camera and remote control functions.
    Click here for 50 innovative ways you can use your document camera in the classroom!
    Additional Ideas:
    • Record student presentations & science experiments (it is a still and video camera)
    • 80x zoom into pictures to display minute details or use the optional microscope attachment
    • Split screen capability to compare stored work with new work
    • Use the window shade feature to show only a portion of the image
    • Showcase work for students to peer edit
    • Insert a flash drive into the camera to make your pictures and video portable
    Click here to see what capabilities your document camera has to offer!

    Consider using the AVer+ Software on your computer for full potential:
Last Modified on November 1, 2013