Online Access for Math in Focus Materials
    Please click the link below for directions to access the Math in Focus online materials. 
    You will have access to the:
    • Student Textbook
    • Student Workbook
    • Background Videos
    • Virtual Manipulatives

    Please do not work ahead with your child.  We will be working in class on each lesson.

     Click below to see our text book (hard butterfly book). 
    You should be able to access Math in Focus online features.
    You MUST use the link provided on the PGSD website.
    Click "students and parents" and then "student resources." 
    Once there you will see a link for Math In Focus
    Students' login is their PGSD username/password. 

    Math in Focus link


    Some math sites:
    Practice addition or multiplication.                  
     This is an addition game.  Choose the one number that is the answer to two addends.  Do this for each box. Pick the 8, 13, 5, 13...
    After you then do the same for all the sums. Now pick the 13.