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    To be successful in math, students should be able to recall basic math facts quickly and accurately. Fact practice is introduced in first grade and continues each year after that. Second grade students are expected to know addition and subtraction facts, zero to ten. Third grade students should know multiplication and division facts through tens.

    There is no single, best way to learn math facts, except for practice. Flashcards work well. Some students learn by writing things down. Other kids do better working on the computer. Try different ways and go with what works for you.

    Here are some websites that will help reinforce speedy and accurate recall of basic math facts:

    Multiplication Facts
    Print out these practice pages. 
    Can you do them in 2 minutes?
             times2       times3     times4     times5    times6                      
    times7    times8   times9   times10     times11   times12