• How do I see whether or not an absence was excused?
    Click on the backpack icon for the class in question. On the Student Information page click on the name of the student in question.
    You can then click on different student names and different classes at the bottom of the left panel to check other absences.
    Clicking on a first name keeps you in the current report view, but even if you switch classes you can make sure you see the most useful screen by picking Personalize on the PowerTeacher start page and changing the Default Student Screen to Quick Look-Up (or Meeting Attendance).
    If you need to see the attendance for an entire class, click on the Printer icon for the class and run an Attendance Audit report, or select Reports and run an Attendance Audit for all classes.
    How do I print a grade report for one or several students?
    The easiest way to print out a grade report for an individual student is by using the Quick Lookup screen:
    1. Click on the Backpack icon for the class in question; the Student Information screen appears.
    2. Click on the student's name. If the Quick Lookup screen doesn't appear, select it from the pull-down menu at right.
    3. Click on the numerical grade for your class. A Scores screen will appear with the various grades.
    4. Hit CONTROL-P to print the scores.
    How do I setup my gradebook?
    Use these instructions to set up your gradebook.
    How do I include comments in progress reports?
    To insert comments in a progress report or semester grade:
    1. Open the PowerTeacher gradebook.
    2. Select Scoresheet.
    3. Change the "Reporting Term" to desired term
    4. RIGHT-click a student's grade in the "Final Grade" column and open the Score Inspector.
    5. Making sure the Score Inspector says the "Reporting Term" is the desired term, write a comment or click the "Comment Bank" box to insert a pre-defined comment. If selecting more than one comment please make sure that you have "Line Breaks" selected.
    6. You can then click the UP or DOWN arrows in the Score Inspector to switch to another student in the same class, or hit the X in the upper right corner to close it.
    7. Be sure you SAVE the scoresheet before switching to a different class or closing the gradebook.
    You can also view and print some  step-by-step instructions.
    How can I quickly enter transfer grades for a student new to the district?
    Follow these instructions.
    How do I link to an online assignment or document?
    Follow  these instructions

    How do I link to an online assignment or document?
    Follow  these instructions
    How do I "recalculate final scores?"
    If you are told you need to "recalculate final scores": 
    1. Open your first class in the PowerTeacher gradebook. 
    2. From the Tools menu, select Recalculate Final Scores.
    3. Repeat the above steps for each remaining class.
Last Modified on July 7, 2013