• It is the intent of the Pottsgrove Board of Directors to make the school facilities available to residents and organizations within our District and, on a select basis, other individuals and organizations when such usage does not interfere with the educational process of the children of the School District.
    Please read the Facilities Use Policy and complete and sign the Use of Facilities Application and the Facilities Use Rules and Regulations Form.  (Documents are located below.)  You must also provide proof of liability insurance in accordance with the policy stating Pottsgrove School District, 1301 Kauffman Rd., Pottstown, PA 19464 as certificate holder and additional insured.
    Completed forms must be submitted to the building principal of the school where the facilities you wish to use are located at least 30 days prior but no more than 45 days prior to the first day of participation or event date.  Once documents are received by the school district, someone will be in contact with you within 14 days regarding your application.
    A confirmation letter will be sent, and if approved, will indicated any fees associated with use.  Any payment due for rental fees will be due 5 days in advance of your scheduled event and are to be made payable to "Pottsgrove School District".  A copy of your approved application must be in your possession while on school property.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Facilities Department.


  • Jeffrey Cardwell
    Director of Facilities
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1005
    Kay Sisko
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1035