• Welcome to Advanced Placement Statistics!  This truly is an awesome course because STATISTICS is so very important!! Statistics allows us to make sense of and interpret a great deal of information. Consider the sheer volume of data you encounter in a given day. How many hours did you sleep? How many students in your class ate breakfast this morning? How many people live within a one mile radius of your home? By using statistics, we can organize and interpret all of this information in a meaningful way.  The world today produces more data than ever before, and this is why we are celebrating statistics. Statistics can be used in almost every career, so its truly important to learn about!

    Course Description


    AP* Statistics involves the study of four main areas: exploring data, sampling and experimentation, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference. According to the College Board, upon entering this course students are expected to have successfully completed a second-year course in algebra and possess sufficient mathematical maturity and quantitative reasoning ability.  Students are expected to have a complete working knowledge of graphical and algebraic concepts, including linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions.  This course will require regular reading of the text.  The AP Statistics course consistently engages students in constructing their own knowledge and includes the use of technology, projects, laboratories, cooperative group problem solving, and writing.  Students will regularly build interdisciplinary connections with other subjects and with their world outside of school.



    Course Materials


    Students will use statistical software, including Microsoft Excel, ActivStats, and TI-83+ and TI-84 family of graphing calculators. Each chapter in the text has a section on calculator usage (when applicable) to give students instruction and practice using the statistical capabilities of their calculators.  Statistical output is available in the text and used throughout the course for practice and on assessment items and projects.
    For more information about this course, check out the AP Statistics Syllabus