• 1st Trimester Learning:

         1.  Self Portraits

              The students are learning the works of Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh's self portraits

              The students are discovering how to create self portraits emphasizing features that are unique to                  them.

              The students are creating self portrait works.


    Self Portraits Painted Portrait


    2nd Trimester

    Y Tree Designs

    -The studens engaged in observing how trees look in nature compared to how they usually draw them.  They learned how to draw realistic looking trees using the Y tree technique.  They then filled in the background design with Warm/Cool color washes with watercolor.

    Y Tree  


    2.  Pueblo Storytellers

    - Students will learned about the Pueblo Native American culture and the art of atorytelling.  They will learn of contemporary artist Helen Cordero and her Pottery storyteller figurines.

    -The students will sculpt storyteller figurines out of clay