• 1st Trimester


                     -The students are learning about key components that make up a ladscape

                          Horizon line, foreground, midground, background, overlapping, and layers

                     - The students engaged in the art criticism process with the artwork, "Christina's World", by Andrew Wyeth

                            They learned how Andrew Wyeth told a powerful story in a landscape using Foreground, midground and, background in a                                  compelling way

                    -The students are creating a landscape representing their favorite experience outside.


    Landscape group Landscape girl Landscape boy

    2nd Trimester

    1.  The students engaged in creating low relief sculptures

          -The students learned about artist Lee Gainer and her low relief scultures of circle patterns made out of various materials

          -The Students created their own low relief sculpture in the same circle design as Lee Gainer using construction paper in Mono-Chromatic colors.

              -The students work will be displayed as a collaborative low relief sculpture installation.

    Low Relief Sculpture


    2.  The Ojibwe Dream Catcher

    - The students are learning about the Ojibwe Native American tribe and how they invented the Dream Catcher.  They leraned through trade, the dream catcher became very popular and soon all North American tribes created a version of their own dream catchers.

    -The students will engage in creating a dream catcher focusing on the design patterns of various Native AMerican tribes.