• 1st Trimester Learning:

         1.  Self Portraits

              The students are learning the works of Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh's self portraits

              The students are discovering how to create a self portraits emphasizing features that are unique to                  them.

              The students are creating self portrait works.


    Self Portraits


    2nd Trimester

    Y Tree Designs

    -The studens engaged in observing how trees look in nature compared to how they usually draw them.  They learned how to draw realistic looking trees using the Y tree technique.  They then filled in the background design with Warm/Cool color washes with watercolor.

    Y Tree  


    2.  Pueblo Storytellers

    - Students will learned about the Pueblo Native American culture and the art of atorytelling.  They will learn of contemporary artist Helen Cordero and her Pottery storyteller figurines.

    -The students will sculpt storyteller figurines out of clay