• Academic Biology

    Tutoring is available upon student request from students during study halls or after school.


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    Course Description

    This year we will explore all aspects of the science of the living world from observing community interdependences, looking inside your genetic blueprint, determining your genes and investigating how the natural world changes through natural selection.


    Required Materials – Composition Notebook (this will be your - Biology Interactive Learning Log (BILL)); Pencil/Pen; Laptop


    Daily Student Expectations: For you to be successful in our biology classroom, there are several expectations that I have for you. Among them are:

    • Bring & keep an updated BILL notebook and reflect daily.
    • Be ready to learn as the bell rings. Also, please remain seated until the dismissal bell.
    • Keep your cell phone & head phones away during class.
    • Do not bring or eat food in the classroom.
    • Focus on the lesson at hand and ask questions when you are confused.
    • ASK for extra help if necessary.
    • Study for the review sessions, do not wait until the night before the exam to study.
    • Seek to understand, not memorize the material.
    • Be respectful and enjoy learning – it is a privilege.


    Course Information

    1. TESTS: Approximately 2-3 tests will be given each quarter. Tests will count for 100 points. Tests will contain both objective (multiple-choice, matching, fill in the blank) as well as subjective (essays) questions.
    2. QUIZZES: You will have a quiz once a week. They will either be announced or unannounced on course and lab material. You will be able to use your B.I.L.L. on your quiz. Quizzes will count for ~20 points.
    3. LABS: Labs will be completed in your notebook. Labs will be graded as either demonstrating knowledge (formal lab reports or quizzes) or building knowledge (questions/analysis in your notebook). Lab reports will be due one week from the day of the lab.
    4. BIOLOGY INTERACTIVE LEARNING LOG (B.I.L.L): You will be required to keep a neat, organized, and informational notebook throughout this course. All unit questions and objectives, lecture notes, lab notes, class activities will be recorded in your notebook. This notebook will also be a source of self-reflection and unit summarization that will be a critical tool in your learning process. This notebook will be formally graded with each unit, although small homework assignments will be checked daily.