• Hi! Welcome to Reading Class!!
    I will blog this year about the activities in our class. Please share this blog with your parents or other family members.
    In Reading class we will learn how to read better. We will increase our reading comprehension, grammar, writing skills, oral speaking, and research skills.
    I am looking forward to working with you and seeing your improvement this year!!
    September- We are starting strong in reading class. In this class, the class has already completed a project about themselves, read many nonfiction stories about cmputers and the internet, and worked on grammar and phonics lessons. We completed MAPP and Aimsweb testing. At the end of the month, we will complete our first unit in the workbook and work on a project about a favorite animal and present this slide show to the class.
    October-  We have been busy in October working on writing assignments. We wrote a five paragraph essay on the benefits of education. In addition, we wrote down our thoughts on the cafeteria food. Is it healthy? Not healthy? Why?  This was an interesting discussion.
    We are working on our Language Program workbooks. We have been learning about nouns, adjectives, and past  and present verbs. Also, reading stories about art. Studying Leonardo DaVinci and other artists has been interesting.
    We read a story on the History of Halloween and completed writing prompts about the holiday. Finally, we finished the month with a Country of your Choice project. Students will research a country and share their facts with the class!
    November- We started the month finishing our Country Project and presenting them to the class. Countries we researched include: Italy, South Africa, Peru, Austrailia, and Canada. We are continuing in our Language workbook and are learning grammar, especially past tense iregular verbs and pronouns. We worked on Unit 15 in our Language Program. In addition, prior to Thanksgivibg break, we cmpleted a project that we shared with fellow students on any topic of your choosing. topics included: Baking, Cars, and Chickens.
    December- We will complete Unit 15 this month and read two stories: "Navajo Code Talkers" and " The Ride of Her Life". During the last week prior to vacation, another project will be worked on and presented to the class on the last day before the holiday break. Happy Holidays!!
    January- Happy New Year!! We continue to learn new literacy skills as we complete the Language Program. We completed a project on Martin Luther King and shared our facts with the class. We read about the MLK holiday and anwered comprehension questions about it.
    February- This month we worked on the Language Program, completed an essay, entitled, My Typical Day", and completed a project on Black History Month. Each student selected a famous African American and presented a slide project to the class.

    March- We are continuing to work on all of our literacy skills with the Language Program. We are working on verb tenses, suffixes, vocabulary, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.