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    "The Lion and the Mouse" "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse" "The Farmer and the Donkeys" "The Tortoise and the Hare"
    Pottsgrove stages The Fabulous Fable Factory

    Archived article: This production was staged in 2015.


    On Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 7:00 pm , Pottsgrove High School will stage the children’s musical The Fabulous Fable Factory in the high school auditorium.  The show’s brisk pace, likable characters, catchy songs, and running time (1 hour) make it ideal for the young and “the young at heart.”


    The plot follows Monroe, a 12-year-old boy (portrayed Emma Burrus), who wanders into a seemingly abandoned factory and accidentally trips a lever that activates the “machinery,” an assembly line of 17 actors.  Mr. Aesop (Luke Robles) explains that the factory has been idle for 2000 years because of a missing part: “the moral maker.”  As the factory produces modernized versions of fables including “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” and “The Tortoise and the Hare,” Monroe surprises everyone by supplying clever morals.


    The nicely balanced show allows each of the 19 actors moments in the spotlight.  The production also features Madison Batzel, Brianna Beitler, Bryce Clemmer, Cierra Fekelman, Matthew Gambino, Natayja Jones, Ciara Markoski, Aaron Nealy, Sarah Ounsworth, Sarah Pennington, Christian Samilenko, Rebekah Schueck, Michaela Sloan, Michael Thornton, Hannah Weghorst, James Wilson, and Hannah Windrim. 


    The student pianist is Liz Driehaus.  The show is staged by veteran director Todd Kelly.  Other faculty members Holli Artim, Liz Rodenbaugh, and Cindy Scherer make artistic contributions while Stacy Couch handles the choreography.  Student director for the production is Katlyn Trapani.


    General admission to the show is $3 at the door.  Children 12 and under are free.