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    This forum will be used for students and faculty members to discuss books!
    Why not write about the novels that you read!?
    The discussion may elicit your likes and dislikes of the story, along with certain themes and/or plots
    and characters that you find endearing or down right repulsive.  Just remember to always disclose your reasoning for all of your statements.
     Student Designed Infographics about books!

     Book Chat

  • Summer Reading Book List Chat

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    Summer Reading Book List
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  • Hunger Game Series Book Chat

    Posted by:
    Suzanne Collin's Trilogy:  The Hunger Games, Catcing Fire, The Mockingjay
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  • Twilight Series Book Chat

    Posted by:
    Stephanie Myer's Twilight Series
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  • What books should I order?

    Posted by:
    I am working to put together another order from my book vendors.
    Are there any books that you would like to see in the Pottsgrove High School Library?
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  • Jodi Picoult Books Book Chat

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    Talk about your favorite Jodi Picoult books here!
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  • Nicholas Sparks' Books Book Chat

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    Let's talk about Nicholas Sparks!
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