Mr. Deveney


    Social Studies


    The textbook is divided into chapters and each chapter is generally divided into four or five sections. A quiz is usually given at the completion of each section. The purpose of the quizzes is to reinforce material taught over a two to three day period and to help students prepare for the test at the end of the chapter. In preparing for the quizzes, it is important that students read the assigned section prior to taking a quiz. This will help to improve their scores and insure greater future success.  



    Chapter tests are given upon completion of a chapter. A failed chapter test may be retaken so that the student can pull the grade up to a passing 70%. In order to retake a test, the student must take the failed test home and have it signed by a parent or guardian.  


    Homework Procedure

    The purpose of homework is to provide students with an opportunity to reinforce what has been previously taught in class or to preview the material of an upcoming lesson.   It is generally given three or four times a week and the assignments vary in format and length. All assignments are reviewed in class and should be checked and corrected by the students. In this class, a homework grade will be given at the end of each quarter under the category of Building Knowledge. Homework assignments are extremely valuable in helping prepare for quizzes and tests.


    Various projects throughout the year will be assigned. These projects are alternate forms of assessment that will allow a student to effectively demonstrate their understanding of the content. Some of these projects may be used to replace a low test grade.

    If You Are Absent…

    If you are absent or miss a class please see the teacher, or the teacher’s web page, for any work that was assigned. Please copy any notes that were taken in class on the day you were not present. If a test was taken, please make it up as soon as you are prepared. You are responsible for all missed work.

    Textbook:   The American Nation by C. Deveney, A. Diegleman, and H. Carter

    • Textbooks is an iBook and can be loaded onto your iPad from Schoology. Please load each chapter as soon as possible.    


    Teacher Web Page 

    On my web page you will find assignments, handouts, class notes, and all other important information. To access this information log on to Schoology using you account information provided in you Language Arts class.

    It is highly recommended that students bring the following materials to class everyday:
    1) A notebook
    2) A folder
    3) A fully charged iPad