• SchoolWires  
    Create blogs with the built in tools from SchoolWires.  With SchoolWires, you must approve all posts and comments and can set permissions to individual students or your entire class.  
    Create a secure environment for your students to publish their own personal blog, allowing for interactive classroom discussions, development of writing skills, personal reflections, etc.  This is a great way to eliminate the pencil and paper journal entries and allow for the student's writing to reach a live audience!
    Great to foster classroom collaboration with older students.  Great to share links, news, documents, lessons, and parent newsletters!  Students can easily access and edit publications you have created!
    Create an audio-blogging site so students get their voice heard!  Audio-Boo also has an iPhone app available for download! 
    Easily create a blog using existing templates and other features provided for you!
Last Modified on February 25, 2015