The mission of the Student Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) is to identify, refer, and assist students in crisis concerning known or suspected drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide ideation, or other areas of concern that interfere with school success and channel referrals to the appropriate resources.

    Anyone can refer students for help. Some reasons to refer are:

    • Drop in grades
    • Several absences
    • Disciplinary issues or disruptive behavior
    • Secrecy, Isolation, Loneliness
    • Change in interests, peer group, or family involvement
    • Weight gain or loss
    • Thoughts of hurting self, or self-injury (cutting)
    • Frequent illness, fatigue, or listlessness
    • Possession of paraphernalia (cigarettes, pipes, lighter, etc.)
    • Hyperactivity or inability to concentrate
    • Dishonesty, lying
    • Giving away treasured belongings or other signs of "saying goodbye"
    • Family Issues
    • Dealing with a loss or transition


    SNAP Team Members:
    Deb Arnosky (Instructional Aide)
    Sue Rutter (6th grade Social Studies teacher)
    Joy Stathopoulos (6th grade Science teacher)
    Tom Frevert (School Psychologist)
    Cristina Kleinfelter (School Counselor)
    Stephan Kincaid (School Counselor)


    **If you would like to make a referral or have any questions about the SNAP team, please contact your child's counselor:

    Stephan Kincaid
    (610) 326-8243 x2052
    Cristina Kleinfelter
    (610) 326-8243 x2054
    Information and/or Resources For Parents