Guidelines for Individual Service Projects for the PGMS National Junior Honor Society Chapter:  
    A minimum of 20 hours of service must be completed by the start of a new school year.

    Choose projects that will help you gain experience and confidence in the five areas NJHS focuses on:  scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character. 

    Choose projects that guarantee your safety; avoid activities where a trusted adult cannot monitor your safety. 

    Choose projects that will help not-for-profit agencies and organizations; target projects that help the underprivileged, the elderly, the disabled, the environment, etc. In short, those in need (even animals). 

    Choose projects that you would NOT already be completing.  Remember that this is an opportunity to grow in confidence and leadership by sampling activities, some of which may be unfamiliar. 

    Balance your projects so that some are activities where the adult is not in charge. 

    From the National Junior Honor Society Handbook: 


    Generally, when choosing the projects, it is best to steer away from activities that directly benefit a member’s family. 

    Service projects done for financial or other compensation are often viewed as contrary to the common definition of “service.” 

    Verification of service by asking for an adult’s signature from a supervisor is a way to guarantee that all chapter members are fulfilling their responsibilities in a fair and appropriate manner. 

    If you need a copy of the NJHS Service Project Tracking form, please click on the link to access the  Google Doc and print a copy.  You should write the organization, hours and obtain a signature from someone verifying that you have completed the hours. 

    To help other NJHS members get ideas for their Individual Community Service Project, please enter on the Google Doc the name of the organization or place where you did your community service, a brief description and a contact person and number if possible.
    Click on the link below to access the Google Doc: