•  “The first teachers are the parents, both by example and conversation.”  -Lamar Alexander

     I hope I'm not the only one who can see the effort in this child...amazing!  We love Barbie Bungee  JKLJLK

     How math teachers expect you to help students at home:

    o   Ask questions to guide them, without telling them what to do

    o   Build self-confidence (There's no such thing as a math person...We are all capable of learning!)

     Encourage mathematical conversation in your home (understanding bills, purchases, grocery lists, gratuity, etc...)



    Daily updates about our learning/classroom are found on Schoology.
    SCHOOLOGY.   Feel free to email me any time with questions.
    Students will use MathiaX software to further their understanding of grade level concepts.  We will use this software in class approximately once every 6 day cycle 
    Log-in:           firstnamelastname   ex: josephsmith
    School ID:     msm pottsgrove ms-19464
    password:     student created password, preferably their school log-in password