• What exactly is an infographic? 

    An infographic is a data-rich visualization of a story that educates and informs.  Do not think that this is “easier” than writing a compare/contrast essay.  It, in itself, contains that same information your compare/contrast paper would have, it is just visually appealing and can help turn a boring paper into an engaging experience with website links, photographs, bulleted points, etc. 


    “It takes a deep understanding to synthesize and summarize facts visually.”

    An Infographic is the newest buzz, according to School Library Journal.  Infographics have been around for years in many formats from graphs to subway maps, and are “visual images that display information along with a message.  Infographics are easy to read and easy to digest – and the technology to create one is relatively easy to learn.  Paige Jaeger in her article “Is a Picture Worth $2500?” states, “I love them because the level of understanding it takes to condense a vast amount of researched information takes the creator to a new level of comprehension.  It’s easy to create a PowerPoint and recall information, but it takes a deep understanding to synthesize and summarize those same facts visually in a graph, image, flowchart, poster, or combination of the above.”


    Creating infographics gives students the valuable purpose to read closely – to be able to deeply understand the material to represent it differently – visually. 



    Use any of the free web tools below to help you design a visually pleasing design that showcases your research

     Use Piktochart.com



    Two great examples of informational infographics are:
    cloud atlas infographic 2  
    infographic on infographics  
    Below are Pottsgrove Student Designed Infographics...