I will follow the Grading Policies that were adopted by the School Board.
    Students will have one week to retake assessments.  Time may be extended for specific cases.  Students must complete a "ticket", usually a worksheet that reinforces the material on the assessment.  Students also must demonstrate they have completed the "work".  Students that are retesting CANNOT receive a score higher than a 90%.  When a retake is given, their grade will have a decimal, ie 80.2 means a retake.
    If there is any discrepancy in grades the students should show me the paper with the correct grade and I will make the adjustment.  If there is a missing paper the student should see me during 9th period.
    A student has the same number of days that they were out to make up the work for full credit.  It is the responsibility of the student to look on my assignments page and Tasks page to find out what they missed and come to me 9th period to get the papers and instruction if needed.  Students have 2 weeks to make up a missed assessment.  After that period they will receive a 50%.
    Late Work
    In general I will accept late work until the answers have been gone over in class.  Students will have one week if the answers have not been gone over in class.
    Extra Credit
    I do not give extra credit.  If a student is doing work and trying to learn they will do well for me. 

    Academic Dishonesty
    If a student changes answers after a test, looks at another student's test, receives or gives answers to a test that is cheating.  
    Plagiarism generally earns a zero, but each case will be taken on its own merits.