• The PottsMontgomery County IU Districts grove School District is a suburban school district that is located in southwestern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, approximately 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The district is comprised of three townships surrounding the Borough of Pottstown. They form a "horseshoe," starting with Lower Pottsgrove Township in the east and northeast, Upper Pottsgrove Township to the northwest, and West Pottsgrove Township to the west. The Schuylkill River, which flows from west to east toward the Delaware River, comprises two boundaries of the District, one to the west of Pottstown and the other to the east.

    The Pottsgrove School District consists of five schools.  Two elementary schools grades K-2, one elementary school grades 3-5, one middle school grades 6-8, and one high school grades 9-12. 
    The strengths of the District are strong community support for the schools, a dedicated staff, and an active student body. There is a high level of participation in a wide variety of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

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    Ask Us About the District Facilities, Staff, and Organization – What makes us special?

    1.    Central campus environment with four of the five schools within minutes of each other

    2.    High School athletic fields (Pottsgrove Stadium and Pennypacker Field) and resources (lighted tennis courts, stadium with all-weather track) / Artificial turf field coming in 2016

    3.    Modern, well maintained school buildings with high school currently under renovation

    4.    Centers configuration in elementary division to focus on students’ developmental learning needs, 6-8 middle school and 9-12 high school

    5.    Student population 3300 with an increasingly diverse economic and racial demographic profile

    6.    Small average class sizes; low student: teacher ratio

    7.    Number of district faculty – 250

    8.    Comprehensive Plan for Continuous Improvement and Innovation

    9.    School resource officer in middle and high schools

    10. Small nature of school district contributes to more positive relationships amongst and with staff but with the range of opportunities provided by much larger districts

    11. Admin Staff – principals in all schools, assistant principals in grades 3-12 with highly engaged and supportive district office staff

    12. Security / child abuse background check-in procedure for visitors at each school while in session

    13. Student handbooks for each school on schools’ websites

    Ask Us About Pupil Personnel Services

    1.    Counselors in every school

    2.    Full time nurse in every school

    3.    Student Assistance Program

    4.    Special Education for eligible students

    5.    Gifted Education for eligible students

    Ask Us About Athletics

    1.    Gymnasiums

    2.    Athletic fields

    3.    New fitness room in HS

    4.    Friday night football at Pottsgrove Stadium

    Ask Us About our Libraries

    1.    Resources – AccessPA, computers, online databases, physical and e-books

    2.    Curriculum/Web Safety

    3.    Summer reading lists

    4.    “Maker Space” in HS Library

    5.    “Reading Olympics”

    Ask Us About our Testing Programs

    1.    Pottsgrove Early Literacy and F & P Benchmarking

    2.    Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

    3.    PSSA 3-8

    4.    Keystone Subject Specific

    Ask Us About our Elective Curriculum

    1.    Family & Consumer Science - Secondary

    2.    Art – Elem and Secondary

    3.    General Music – Elem

    4.    Instrumental – Elem and Secondary

    5.    Choral - Secondary

    6.    Technology Education – Elem and Secondary 

           7.  Computer Science  (High School)

    8.    Project Lead the Way Engineering (High School)

    Ask Us About Some of our Extra Curricular Activities

    1.    Athletics

    2.    Music

    3.    Academic/Departmental

    4.    Drama

    5.    Student Council

    6.    Robotics

    7.    Key Club and Spark the Wave (community service club)

    Ask Us About How Pottsgrove is the Place for Nearly All Learners to Grow

    1.    Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center

    2.    District Cyber Program

    3.    Academic Support

    4.    Advanced Courses

    5.    Gateway to College Program

    Ask Us About our Community Outreach/Parent Involvement

    1.    PTAs, Boosters, Music League and other parent volunteer opportunities

    2.    School Board policies on website

    3.    Local business sponsorship opportunities

    5.    The Pottsgrove Education Foundation

    Ask Us About our Technology

    1.    District-issued mobile learning devices (carts in elem / 1:1 in secondary)

    2.    High speed fiber optic network / wireless throughout

    3.    Interactive projection and document cameras in classrooms

    4.    District TV studio (High School)

    5.    E-mail / Phone / Text emergency alert system

    6.    24/7 Online Grade Information, Lunch and Tech Fee payment portal and Registration and First Day packet portals for parents

    7.    Website/Social Media

    8.    Online Technology Learning Center

    Ask Us About our Ethical and Behavioral Expectations and Programs to Support Student Citizenship Development

    1.    Falcon Five – Be Here and Ready, Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Caring, Celebrate Success

    2.    Bucket Fillers – K-2

    3.    No Place for Hate

    4.    SNAP Academy

    5.    Falcon Friends

    6.    Anti-Bullying Policies and Programs

    7.    Academic Integrity Policies

    8.    Appropriate Use of Technology Policies