National Junior Honor Society   

    Each officer is responsible for a  committee and they will meet  one day out of the 6 day cycle. The officer of the committee will decide on which day in the cycle they will have the meeting.  That letter day will not change during the school year.  Students  chose which committee they want to join  based on their interest and schedule. Some students expressed that they want to be on a committee but they have another activity on the day that committee meets.  We discussed, and agreed, that they can attend the committee meeting every other schedule letter day.  
    President - Induction Committee
    Vice Presdient - Service Project Committee
    Secretary- Field Trip Committee
    Treasurer - Activities Committee
    Each officer will also have a Web page on Mrs. MacIlvain's PGSD Website  that will give students information about the committee and updates. There will also be a link to a Google Doc for current events, meeting minutes and information for each committee.