• Birth Defect Research Project

    This research project will be completed in groups of two. Birth defects will be assigned in a random manner. 

    Groups will present a Keynote/Power Point lesson for the class on their individual birth defect. You are teaching this to your class so be prepared to answer questions. You will give a five-question quiz to the class after your presentation. 

    What to include in your presentation 
    1. The name and characteristics of the birth defect please include any images that might help to define the birth defect. 
    2. How the birth defect is diagnosed. 
    3. What causes the birth defect? 
    4. Can the birth defect be prevented? 
    5. Is there any cure/treatment to repair this birth defect? If yes, what is it? Are there any organizations that promote research? 
    6. You must include a source page for all resources, including images. 
    7. You will make up a short five-question quiz for your class on the information you taught them about the birth defect. This quiz can be multiple choice, true-false, short answer, or matching. You will collect the student responses and grade them. This grade will be recorded as a real grade.

    Each member of the group must work together on this project and participate equally in the presentation of the material and the administering/grading of the quizzes. The grading will be as follows: 

    15 - Presentation/teaching 
    60 - Covered material about characteristics, diagnosis, causes, 
    prevention, cures. Included helpful images. 
    10 - Sources page 
    15 – Quiz 


     100 points possible