• The following are the list of books available in the Pottsgrove High School:
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    Bloom, Harold, ed. Bloom's Major Poets: Geoffrey Chaucer. Chelsea, 1999. 

    Bloom, Harold, ed. Modern Critical Interpretations: Geoffrey Chaucer's The Pardoner's Tale.
          Chelsea, 1988. 
    Bowden, Muriel. A Commentary on the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. Macmillan,

    Brewer, Derek. Chaucer and his World. Dodd, Mead & Company, 1978. 

    Chaucer, Geoffrey. Canterbury Tales. Garden City Books, 1934. 

    Gardner, John. The Life and Times of Chaucer. Random House, 1977. 

    Hallisy, Margaret. A Companion to Canterbury Tales. Greenwood, 1995. 

    Lambdin, Laura C. and Robert T. Lambdin, eds. Chaucer's Pilgrims: a Historical Guide to the Pilgrims in The
          Canterbury Tales. Praeger, 1999. 

    Leone, Bruno, ed. Readings on the Canterbury Tales. Greenhaven, 1997. 

    Loomis, Roger Sherman. A Mirror of Chaucer's World. Princeton University Press, 1965. 

    Rossignol, Rosaslyn. Chaucer: A to Z. Facts On File, 1999. 
    Schmidt, A.V.C., ed. The General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales and The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue and
          Tale. Holmes & Meier, 1974. 

    Swisher, Clarice, ed. Understanding the Canterbury Tales. Thompson, 2003. 

    Tatlock, John S.P. and Percy MacKaye, eds. The Modern Reader's Chaucer: The Complete Poetical Works of
          Geoffrey Chaucer. Macmillan, 1940. 

    Thorndike, Lynn. The History of Medieval Europe. Houghton, 1956. 

    Wagenknecht, Edward. The Personality of Chaucer. University of Oklahoma Press, 1968. 
    Wilhelm, Jeffrey D., et al, eds.  Glencoe Literature: British Literature. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2009.
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