• Geoffrey Chaucer Pathfinder


    This is available for research on different aspects of Geoffrey Chaucer, the culture ofthe 14th century, and some comparisons into the present, which youcan use in conjunction with assignments you’ve chose.


    1. Chaucer background provides the history, culture, literature, and “Canterbury Route,” giving you an idea ofwhat readers back then would perceive of his work.


    2. CanterburyTales provides original text of the Canterbury Tales, hyperlinked glossary, and side-by-side translations of most of the tales.


    3. A look at the Pardoner gives one interpretation of the Pardoner and his tale


    4. Not such a bad girl examines a different theory as to the nature of the Wife of Bath.


    5. The Wife’s story analyzes the tale she tells and compares it to other works of the time.


    6. Good old Sparknotes gives you an overview of the different tales and may further your insight into the characters.


    7. Girl Power provides some ideas for possible comparisons on women’s rights then and now.


    8. Churchhistory presents an informative and unbiased history of the Church.


    9. Corruption in the Church is an article that gives you an overview of what has gone wrong in the medieval church.


    Geoffrey Chaucer

    10. Chaucer bio givesyou a summary of the life and works of Geoffrey Chaucer. As you read about different parts of his life, consider the various influences behind his authorship. What opinion did he have of the Church and why? Of women?