• 11 AP Language and Composition

    SYNTHESIS ESSAY: What is a synthesis essay?

    You are to gather information on the topic of your choice.

    You are to place TWO copies of each item in a folder with the topic written on the tab.

    You are to find articles and research that provides SOLUTIONS to the issue of your choice.

    Of course, you may need to do some background reading on the topic if you are unfamiliar with it, but the sources cited should be more concerned with ways to solve the issue, not with the causes or history or the topic.

    If possible, select sources that reflect a solution with which you are most in agreement.

    Your topic you must include five of the following items (3 different types - in other words it can be 2 magazines articles, 1 cartoon, 1 graph, and 1 on-online article.

    You must have a Works Cited page and list every source.

    You should use the following:

    • an on-line article that was written by a reputable source.

    • an article from a specialty magazine or periodical that deals with the issue

    • A graph or chart.

    • A photo and/or political cartoon.

    • a book that can be found in the Pottsgrove Library

    After you compile this folder, you will hand it over to another student in the class!

    They will review your data and write a synthesis essay.


    ONE STOP SHOPPING!!!!!! USE the POINTS OF VIEW REFERENCE CENTERdatabase to access full text articles found in leading journals from both the left and the right including National Review, The Nation, The New Republic, Congressional Digest and Human Events.

    Points of View Reference Center: tutorial