• Communication
    Communication between parents and a teacher is vital in your child’s education. I will make every effort to return calls quickly. I will also contact you if I have a concern or news to share. Please do not hesitate to do the same.  I send weekly newsletters home (preferably through email) to inform you of what we are doing for the upcoming week. If you should have a comment or a question about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by note, phone or email. The phone number for the school is 610-323-6510.  The other key piece to successful learning is the partnership between home and school. Children need to know that we are on the same team – parents and teachers. They need to understand that, together; we want them to experience success in their academic career. This partnership is essential if we want children to reach their fullest potential. The binders students are using are an important tool for home-school communication. The students should bring their binder home daily and return it the next day of school. Parents are expected to go through it each evening with their child.  

    *During virtual learning, I think email will be the quickest way to contact me.  whasara@pgsd.org

    Homework connects home and school. I encourage you to help with and review homework daily with your child and to point out things that are done well, as well as, help him/her to find things that can be improved upon. There may be a time that your child needs you to explain something to him/her, but be careful not to do too much for him/her. Sometimes assistance is necessary, but it is primarily a time for them to get independent practice to review the skills taught in class. Helping with homework also helps you to keep current on what we are learning.

    Your child will receive homework assignments Monday through Thursday. I try not to give homework over the weekend because I believe that weekends are meant for family time, however there may be exceptions due to having a 1 through 6 day schedule. Your child’s homework load may range from one to three assignments daily, depending on what is occurring in class. PLEASE REFER TO THEIR DAILY HOMEWORK LOG TO KNOW THE ASSIGNMENTS.  WE WILL RECORD THEM DAILY SO THEY ARE ACCURATE.  ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL ME.

    **My goal is to use our daytime hours to do our work and learning and allow off times for family connections.  I do not plan to give homework on a regular basis during virtual learning. This would only happen if it is requested due to a child having a difficult time with a skill or if daytime work is not finished during our school day. It will not be planned.