Monday we will be reviewing for our graphing test.  The test will be given in two parts on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be holding a ZOOM meeting at 4:00 on Monday and at 11:00 on Tuesday to help with review if anyone needs help.  We will also play a 20 questions guessing game. On Thursday, we will start a new math unit.  Friday will be our at home STEAM DAY on FUN with FLIGHT!  Mrs. Mattheny and Mrs. Randall have some awesome activities planned for you!!!!
    In ELA this week we will be using nonfiction text.  We will review text features including a new one....the timeline.  In addition, we will be summarizing nonfiction texts (specifically biographies) using the First, Next, Then, Last format. 
    PTA Reminders:  Collect Boxtops, Sign up your Giant Rewards card, collect Redners receipts, and join Amazon Smile.  Great fundraising with little to no effort!  Everything helps the students here at West!!!
         Please remember that a written excuse note must be returned to school with your child following an absence from school.  You have three days to do this for it to be counted as excused.  Any absence without a written excuse is unlawful.  Thank you for promptly sending an excuse following your child's absence.  (If you had prior approval (example, trip), that is excused.  It will be marked at the bottom of the sheet returned to you once it is approved.