Hello and thank you for taking advantage of this wonderful program! 

    I hope that everything works out for you and that you are able to complete your work overnight.

    Remember, these computers are checked out on a daily basis and must be returned the following morning to the library; otherwise a fine of $5 will be accrued per day.  *If you are ABSENT or NOT – this fine will accrue! You MUST be responsible and return these computers the very next day!

    Things to know:

    -       Laptops do not really have a battery life; computer should be plugged into a wall at all times.  Make sure the light on top of the charging plug is green.

    -       No username and password are necessary.

    -       When logging on, just click GUEST ACCOUNT

    -       If for some reason, it prompts you to a username and password screen, leave both spaces blank and just hit enter.

    -       If that does NOT work, please go to the apple on the top left and just restart the computer…that should do it… 

    -       If you have internet access at home, you can connect wirelessly.  Go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES, locate NETWORK and CONNECT to your NETWORK.  If you have a password because your network is secure, you will have to input that information.

    -       Once you are done using the computer, go to the apple in the top left and LOG OUT.  It will give you another screen…just press DELETE FILES & LOG OUT. 

    I suggest that everyone use GOOGLE DRIVE to write their papers!  All Pottsgrove students have a PG GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT.  All you do is go to www.google.com - SIGN IN with your regular username that you sign in on the computers in school with…your password is your regular password with a PG attached to it  

    For instance if I signed in at school using DSMALL 123456

    I would use DSMALL 123456PG for my Google Drive account…

    Once in the Google Drive, you can create Excel Sheets, Word Documents, etc…

    These pages are automatically saved so when you get to school, all you do is sign back in to Google and print them out!


    If you need help, you can reach me directly by tweeting @PottsgroveHSLib

    You can also email DSMALL@pgsd.org

    Happy Researching and Writing!

    Mrs. Small

    Pottsgrove High School Library

    Library Media Specialist

    Pottsgrovian Yearbook Advisor