• Share Your Culture Objectives:
    (1) Participants will learn the names of each person in the class, group, or community, as well as something about each person's background/culture.
    (2) Participants will have a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity within the group, while realizing that they have things in common with some of the people from whom they might have felt most distant.

    Share Your Culture Activity:
    Individually, write down the following information:
    - name/nickname (if you have one and the background behind it)
    - your ethnic background, where you are from and where your parents were born
    - which generation do you represent in the U.S. for your family?
    - one custom or tradition your family practices and why. 

    Find a partner! 
    identify one person in the class you do not know and think about what answers they expect from those people. 
    (DO not shared your expectations, but realize how you can formulate ideas about people based on appearance.)
    Get together with that partner, share your cultural information with eachother.