• An Implicit Association Test measure our attitudes toward things like race or gender, which operate on two levels.
    1. Conscious attitude - what we "choose" to believe (your stated values, which we use to direct our behavior deliberately.
    2. Unconscious - our racial attitude - the immediate, automatic associations that tumble out before we've even had time to think.
    Can our unconscious attitude be utterly incompatible with our stated conscious values?
    "If you have a strongly pro-white pattern of associations, there is evidence that will affect the way you behave in the presence of a black person. It is not going to affect what you'll say or feel or do. You won't be aware that you're behaving any differently, but chance are you'll lean forward a little less, turn away, close your body, stand farther away, smile less....
    It is not enough simply to explore the hidden recesses of our unconscious. Once we know about how the mind works - and about the strengths and weaknesses of human judgement - it is our responsibility to act.