• The mission of the Pottsgrove School District is to educate

    and inspire all students to excel as productive, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners.



    To transition Pottsgrove School District into a center of 21st century learning, making Pottsgrove schools the schools of choice for the Pottsgrove community. 



    All students and adults can learn.

    People learn differently.

    Great teachers are the single most important resource a school district can provide its students.

    Content, process and product are the only three variables over which teachers have control.

    Information is expanding exponentially.

    More of that information is being delivered digitally.

    Technology provides teachers more options in their instructional planning.

    Technology provides students with a greater number of options to enthusiastically demonstrate learning (meaningful application of information).

    Technology should be available as needed and not as a scheduled event.

    Traditional public schools must change to remain relevant and competitive in this century.

    This can be done successfully in Pottsgrove!

    Pottsgrove can be a flagship public school district!


    DiLE Anticipated Outcomes
       Higher levels of student engagement as measured by student self-reporting, teacher and principal observation
       In combination with professional development, shifts in instructional and assessment practices as measured through principal observation and teacher performance using Danielson's Framework for Teacher Effectiveness, SAMR Model of Technology Integration, and the Education Technology Profile Self-Assessment Survey

       In combination with curriculum alignment with PA Core, improved student outcomes on assessments of learning.
       More blended and hybrid learning opportunities and fewer students seeking other educational options.
    In conclusion, learning, college and career readiness encompass skills, experiences, and habits of mind that can't be measured by standardized tests and DiLE will help students develop these qualities that are so essential to Pottsgrove's mission to educate and inspire all students to excel as productive, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners.