1.Go to www.pgsd.org
    2.Scroll down and click on the "google docs" logo image on the bottom right of the PGSD web page.
    3.For your username, enter your EXACT pottsgrove username. Try lowercase if capitals don't work.
    4.For your password, enter your Pottsgrove password in CAPITAL LETTERS and ADD the letters PG to the end (no spaces between your password and the PG).
    5.Once you are logged in, you may have to type a scrambled word and hit enter.
    6.Click on CREATE DOCUMENT (upper left hand corner, RED), .
    7.CLICK on 'Untitled Document' (upper left)and rename it as your teacher explained.
    8.Click SHARE in the upper right hand corner (blue).
    9.Scroll down to ADD and add my email address: awright3@pgsd.org
    10.Click DONE
    11.Type your project (or copy and paste it from wherever you typed it) Your document/work saves automatically as long as It says "Changes Saved" at the top. If it says "SAVE" , then click on that before leaving the website.

    for more technology help with Google Drive, Contact marissabono@pgsd.org