• *District Office Relocation Information*
    As part of the ongoing renovation of the high school facility, the District Office will not be accessible beginning on Wednesday, March 23. Most District Office functions will be temporally located in the newly constructed High School Guidance Suite. All visitors to the District Office must enter the High School through the Athletic and Performing Arts Center doors, adjacent to the student parking lot on Kauffman Road.
    Please also note that the Pupil Services Office including special education and new student registration offices will be temporally housed at West Pottsgrove Elementary School at 25 Grosstown Road in Stowe beginning on Friday, March 18. Visitors must check in through West Pottsgrove’s main office.
    During school hours all visitors must have identification to gain admittance to both the High School and West Pottsgrove.
    There are no changes in phone numbers or extensions during this temporary relocation.  Postal correspondences can still be sent to 1301 Kauffman Rd.
  • Due to the High School Renovation, School Lane will be closed for Bus Drop Off and Pick Up during these times throughout the school year:

    Monday-Friday 7:00-7:35 a.m.

    Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Friday 1:55-2:30 p.m.

    Wednesdays from 1:25-2:00 p.m.

    School Arrival/Departure
    Student Drivers - The South Parking (typically the student lot) is scheduled to be open to/from Kauffman road only. Students may park in this lot and parking permits will be given out the first week of school. Access around the building will be closed (around the football stadium side of the building will be closed)

    Parent Pick Up/Drop Off - All parent pick up and drop offs will take place at the Main Entrance to the school (the round lot in the front that is adjacent to the District Office). For Drop Off, please drop off and continue moving to allow for other parents to get in. Pick Up, please line up along the curb all the way up past the District Office. Parents will not be able to make a left out of the front lot due to the closure of School Lane with dismissal.

    Bus Drop Off/Pick Up - The buses will be dropping off and picking up at the North Entrance of School Lane to the building along the 100 and Science corridor.
  • Recent Progress Reports from the Construction Manager

    Download images from the Construction Manager's report delivered on March 24, 2015

    Download images from the Construction Manager's report delivered on April 28, 2015

    Download images from Construction Manager's report delivered on June 16, 2015

    Download  Images from the Construction Manager's report delivered on August 11, 2015

    Download Images from the Construction Manager's report delivered on August 25, 2015

    Download images from the Construction Manager's report delivered on September 29, 2015
    Download images from the Construction Manager's report delivered on October 27, 2015

Pottsgrove High School Renovation Update

  • Renovation In Full Swing at PGHS

    Posted by William Ziegler on 8/12/2014
    The renovations are in full swing at PGHS.  
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  • Renovation Update 10-17-13

    Posted by Dr. Bill Ziegler, Principal of Pottsgrove High School on 10/17/2013
    End User Meetings Wrap Up 
     Over the past two weeks, the architects met with teachers in the End User Meetings.  These meetings were designed
    Engineering End User Meeting
    to hear from teachers who will be using these classrooms at the end of the renovation.  Meetings were held with teachers from science, art, engineering (picture on right), PE, department chairs, Family Consumer Science, Special Education, music, theatre, guidance, nursing team, library, and administration.
    In addition to these End User meetings, architects met with our food service team to examine the needs for the kitchen and cafeteria, the district's security team to identify important security needs, and a team to review the needs of the auditorium.   Furthermore, Mrs. DeLena represented our school store in the End User meeting.  As the DECCA and Business teacher, she is excited about the new opportunities for the students to learn marketing, sales, and accounting through the proposed school store.   
    The End User teams included walkthroughs of classrooms and other key locations in the building.  During the End User walkthrough, a special emphasis was made in closely examining the science labs and hearing from the teachers on needed improvement to the lab stations.  Moreover, Dr. Ziegler, Mr. Wagman, and Mr. Friedlund (Physics Teacher) visited a neighboring school who recently renovated their Physics lab.  This visit helped to identify the needs for our school to build a state of the art Physics lab which is equipped with the tools to teach high level courses of Physics including AP Physics and other engineering courses.    
    Digging in Front Entrance
    The need to complete important soil and drainage testing has begun on the campus (Picture on Left).  All the work was completed in a few days.  The signs and sounds of digging are a foreshadowing of this summer and next fall as the proposed renovation begins.  Senior Project Manager, Jim Keiffer, shared that the renovation planning schedule is currently aligned with the original calendar proposed by KCBA Architects.
    I will be updating parents prior to PTO meeting on the latest renovation updates.  I will be sharing proposed drawings of the school, talking about the educational benefits of the renovation, and sharing the phasing and timing of the renovations.  Everyone is encouraged to attend this special PTO session.  The PTO meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 18, 2013 in the HS Library.   
    On November 11, 2013, a group of students will be meeting with the architects and engineers to learn about the renovation, learn about the career of engineering and architecture, and to ask any questions that they may have about the career or renovations.   

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  • End User Meetings Begin

    Posted by Dr. Bill Ziegler, Pottsgrove High School Principal on 10/1/2013 7:00:00 PM
    The pictures above are design samples of what the new exterior of the building may look like.  They are not the final product, the design process will take place for several more weeks.   
    On Tuesday, October 1, 2013, KCBA Architects along with building and district administration met with teachers to begin the End User meetings.  If you are not familiar with the term, End User meetings, these meetings are designed to hear from the person who will be using the space/facility at the end of the renovation. For example, the General Classroom End User meetings met with department chairs and 
    General Classroom End User Meetings
    other teacher representatives.  At these meetings, Jim Keifer, Senior Project Manager for KCBA, reviewed the proposed design of classrooms and provided an overall view of the entire building.  
    Teachers (pictured right with Jim Keiffer, Michael Wagman, and Shellie Feola) provided rich feedback on how to improve the general classrooms and heard about the overall renovation project of the school.  
    Teachers were pleased to hear how the renovation will strengthen programming, learning, and expand opportunities for students.  On a lighter note, they were also relieved to hear that the loud Univents (AC units for each class) will be removed saving on space and reducing the distraction to students during learning.  The new HVAC system will run through the ceiling and provide a more balanced temperature regulation of classrooms and quieter way to service the rooms.  
    Mr. Bannister, Social Studies Department Chairperson shared, "the End-User meetings provide an ideal forum for the exchange of both ideas and information.  Stake-holders are encouraged to present ideas and air concerns, while the builders can convey the logic and parameters that shape the renovation designs.  This collaboration ensures that a wide net has been cast to gather all concerns, and ensures a streamlined dissemination of information about the renovation. 
    STEM -  A strong emphasis is placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which  will increase instructional areas and equip teachers with state of the art facilities and resources to teach students.  For example, the Engineering labs will gain three brand new rooms designed to meet industry standards and support our Project Lead the Way Engineering curriculum.  The sciences will gain two additional science labs which will be equipped with the latest resources for a Biology and Physics lab.  One of the new science labs will be larger than our regular labs allowing for larger student participation, more advanced lab experiments, and the versatility of using the lab for Biology or Physics.  Both of our Chemistry labs will also experience a makeover bringing them up to current standards and equipping them with the tools to serve students for many years to come.  All science labs and classrooms will be renovated and equipped with the resources to enhance our science programming and curriculum for the future.   
    Guidance Team End User Meetings  Guidance Center - KCBA met with our Guidance Counselors (shown left)  to review the new counseling center which will be equipped to host college visits, small counseling groups, new counseling offices, a future center where students can complete college applications and search for the best college for them, and a private area to meet with parents.  The new guidance center will serve as an excellent resource for parents and students as they prepare for life beyond high school.  It's our goal to provide a future center where students and parents can explore and learn about careers, investigate colleges and universities, and learn more about opportunities beyond high school.  
    Health Suite - Currently, the Nurse's suite is located in a remote area down behind the gymnasium.   The renovation will move it to the Main Office and Library hallway providing quicker access for students and staff.  In addition, the nurses office will be equipped with all new cabinetry
    Senior Project Manager, Jim Keiffer, reviews building plans with teachers and a handicap accessible restroom and exam room.  This will allow for secure storage of medicine, records, and medical equipment.
    Art Rooms - The Art rooms will be relocated to the west side of the building.  This will allow the Art department to be in the same area and for the music area to be expanded.  Ms. Thomas and Mrs. Scherer reviewed needs for the new Art room such as proper lighting for drawing, needed storage, kiln location, areas to display student art work, and the importance of sinks for cleaning and instructional activities.  
    Special Education  - The design team also met with the Secondary Director of Special Education to review renovation plans for Special Education classrooms, facilities, and offices.  A focus was placed on having our Life Skills classroom fitted to be totally handicap accessible and an area provided for storing student supplies.  
    End User meetings are also scheduled for later this week and next.  The End User meetings are the beginning of a long journey of collaboration with teachers to ensure that the renovations are designed to best serve students and increase learning.  In the upcoming End User meetings, architects and administration will be meeting with music, auditorium, athletics, physical education, technology, security, food service, and engineering.   
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  • Renovation Update 10-1-13

    Posted by Dr. Bill Ziegler, Principal of Pottsgrove High School on 9/23/2013 10:00:00 AM
    Pottsgrove School District has selected KCBA Architects and we have been working with them this summer and fall on preparing for renovation of the building. The lead architects on the PGHS renovation are Jay Clough, Mike Kelly, and Jim Keiffer (Senior Project Manager)
     This blog will provide regular updates on the renovation process of Pottsgrove High School. 
    Proposed Schedule for KCBA Architects              
                Design Development
                September 17-November 12
    End User Meeting       
    October 1-November       
    PGSD Approval           
    September 23-October 31


    Construction Documents
    November 12-March 14
    PGSD Approval
    March 11           


    Bidding Contracts
    March 17-May 16
    May 19-August 26
    At a recent meeting, KCBA reviewed the design proposals for the cafeteria, gymnasium, guidance counseling center, kitchen, main lobby, and main office. The high school currently does not have any room that can house the entire student body, this gymnasium will allow for the full student body to meet together for assemblies, school wide activities, Color Day, and other special events.  Plus, this will dramatically increase the number of parents and guests who can attend commencement ceremonies by over 400 additional seats.  They gymnasium may also be used to bring in revenue by hosting PIAA District and State playoff games.  
    End User meetings will be scheduled in the next weeks to assess the needs of the area.  End User is a term which teachers and staff may begin to hear.  This term is used to identify  the user of the facility/room after the renovation is complete.   These End User meetings will help architects and engineers understand the needs of teachers and staff members of the high school. 
    The next Renovation meeting with school officials is the week of October 1, 2013
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