Key Communicators

  • Introducing Pottsgrove School District Key Communicators

    The Key Communicator concept is a proven public relations tool in use by many school districts across the country. Public relations research supports the fact that the most effective and efficient communication is accomplished on a personal level. Key Communicators serve as a communications link among the administration, school board, school, parents, staff, students, and other district citizens. They are kept informed about district news through meetings, periodic mailings, online information and personal contact.

    Key Communicators – parents and other school district stakeholders- gather information from the community at-large regarding their perceptions, questions and/or opinions about the Pottsgrove Schools. Equally important, they spread information back to the community creating a partnership with the schools. Key Communicators work collaboratively with the school district to solve communication problems.

    How does the Key Communicator Program work?

                   Key Communicators are routinely kept informed of school issues and challenges through email messages,phone calls and community meetings. Key Communicators are asked to share the information then make the district aware of questions or concerns by contacting the Superintendent’s office by phone or email.

                   Periodically, we may contact Key Communicators via telephone, online forum or letter to explore a particular issue.

    How are Key Communicators selected?

    Building and district administration will make membership recommendations base on the following criteria:

                   Key Communicators must be a District stakeholders (parents, staff, students, resident or property owner in the community, business owner in the community) and each school must have representation.

    Key Communicators must be willing to attend occasional evening meetings during the school year with an agenda created by both Key Communicators and District at which time the superintendent and other key staff share information and interact with the group.

                   Key Communicators should be available, whenever possible, after a district crisis for briefings and to communicate to the district community concerns or questions.

                   Key Communicators should attend school district events, dedications, receptions, etc., and be known and trusted voices within their community.

                   Key Communicators must be willing to facilitate balanced and factual communication regarding the District with members of the public.

    Meeting Notes  from 11/17/15
    The next meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2016.